About Sound Quality

December 2, 2017

Hello All,

We were figuring out this whole podcast thing as we went along.  As much as we would have liked to have started with a full professional studio setup, like most folks, we used whatever was on hand.  After the first couple of recording sessions we realized that the two people on the ends of the table couldn't be heard easily (the DM and Bryce).  We tried moving the microphone closer to the DM to clarify what he was saying.  That didn't help things much.  Starting in Episode 10, we added a second microphone which improved sound quality.  Then in episode 21 a strange echo appears for the first 8 minutes.  We've tried several things to get rid of the echo.  It appears in a few subsequent episodes.  Unfortunately the solution we determined is a complete upgrade of our recording equiptment, which we have started.  We continue to try to improve our broadcast quality.