Relic of the Past

The Oracle’s Poem

December 23, 2017

One approaches with trouble in mind;

Knowledge here (he/she) may find.

But perilous knowledge can be;

Without wisdom used to guide your deeds,

I sense vexation in your mind,

The cause of your trouble you come to find.

The name of your foe is known to one;

In the high throne she sits, through her day is done.

Your foe is also in the vale of the Elves;

Only to be found by those who can delve.

Your foe is to be also found, close at hand;

Where water sprouts from blowing sand,

You must also look deep in the frost;

Among peaks that are most perilous to cross.

And a tyrant waits with his baleful stare;

Where a sea ruler sits without even a care.

And your foe is to be found where one cannot see;

And those of the land are unable to be,

Also you must find a dangerous lair;

Where fiery greed guards the treasure that is there.

And you will have to learn how to fly;

So that you may find your foe in the sky,

Finally at last, your foe can be found;

Where the souls of the evil are tortured and ground.

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